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Sunday, October 14, 2012


Missing someone or something is beautiful and yet torturing. It's a precious gift from God that reminds us to appreciate everyone and everything around you.

I miss my campus life in Hamilton. I am free to do anything. I can walk to the Metro just 100 meters away from my rented house and buy 2 bags of Lay's chips and finish them in one hour. I can walk to school under the warming morning sun. I can take free bus ride to shopping mall and shop in my favourite H&M outlet. Or I can buy groceries at Dollarama where almost everything is only 2 Canadian Dollars. I miss those moments I joke to my coursemates. I miss the fresh air and the people.

Yes, we grow bore when we become part of something for too long. Ironically we wish time could travel backwards so that we can retrieve those things we once take it for granted.

I miss this beautiful city.

And my first ever backpack experience to Cambodia back in summer 2009. I sweated a lot and lost 5 kg.  

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