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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ramadhan Bazaar @ Stadium Indera Mulia (Ipoh)

If you are hunting for Malay traditional foods during Bulan Ramadhan in Ipoh, there is no better place than Ramadhan Bazaar located at Stadium Indera Mulia. Well, there are many Ramadhan Bazaar in Ipoh, but this one is the biggest among them. I did not count the number of stalls, I will say close to 70 or 80.

Without further ado, let's get to the most vital part which is also my favourite part-- FOODS!!! 

Smoked chickens RM4.00 each

Satay chicken RM0.50 each 

Murtabak  RM2.50 each 

 Laksa Kedah  RM2.50 each

It's time for food fiestaaaa immediately after back to home! The smoked chicken still taste very good though it had been more than an hour back from the bazaar. The actually soaked the entire smoked chicken into a bucket of special sauce before packing it in a plastic bag. The scent of the special sauce is not so strong, we in fact cut the chicken into pieces and dip it with the peanut sauce which supposedly a dipping sauce for satay to add more flavor to the smoked chicken.  

Satay chicken is best to eat when it's fresh and hot. For this reason, the satays are not longer juicy when we brought them home. Luckily, the peanut sauce saves the satays, not to the extent I will give full scores though.

This murtabak is stuffed with minced chicken and onion. And it's one of the most popular foods because they were immediately sold out right after they were moved from the frying pan to the table. The only thing I want to comment about this murtabak is -- Boss, more minced chicken please.

The most unique laksa I've ever had -- laksa Kedah. Hmm, it's not the best. The best laksa reminded me of what I had in Penang last year (揾嘢吃@Sungai Petani + Penang). The texture of the laksa is similar to that of Kuala Kangsar, but smoother and thinner. The soup is not spicy and I doubt they used any fish as one of the soup ingredients. If you want to have a different taste of laksa other than Penang laksa, you should give this a try.


Xjion89 said...

Don't eat too much, it is fattening ~~ (^^)

Lynn Anuar said...

kokleong, it's a torture to read your blog all the way from south korea. thanks a lot haha.

Kok Leong Lee said...

Hey Kak Lynn, I wish you do well in S.Korea. Don't worry, I'll try to post more of this...Good luck!