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Saturday, July 30, 2011

揾嘢吃@Sungai Petani + Penang

I'm back! And I'm sick, again. This is due to my can't-stop-eating syndrome and it's impossible to cure. Haha...

Last Friday, I went to Sungai Petani with a friend that I haven't met for 2 years. Before he came to Ipoh, he volunteered to bring me tour around SP. And I said "Yes". 

There's an unhappy event that happened when we were purchasing bus tickets in Medan Gopeng. But I won't describe it here because it's a long story.

We arrived at Butterworth around 10.55 a.m. and we took half an hour City Liner bus to Sungai Petani. 

This is the hawker center that we had our lunch. The hawker center is very old but clean and it reminded me of the 糖水街 in Ipoh. 

壽面 RM2.80 (small)

Basically, this dish is a combination of egg, sprouts, char siews, and chicken slices served with special soup.  It is not too unique to me. 

竹蔗水 RM1.00

 Did you ever see 竹蔗水 in light green color? I thought it was 甘蔗水.  

Our second destination is this old store to drink the famous Red Bean drink. 

Red Bean Drink RM2.00

Hoho, this drink is really good!!! The red beans are grounded together with ice cubes and approximately a spoon of Milo  powder is put on top of the drink. This fusion is simply creative, original and yummy! 

蒸滑蛋河? RM 6.00

At night, we had our dinner at a restaurant far far away from the house. Honestly I don't know what is the name of this dish. My friend introduced this dish as 蒸滑蛋河, so I'm just following. Haha~~~ However, it is definitely not 滑蛋河. The Hor Fun is steamed and served with tomato slices, steamed and fried fish pieces, gingers and an egg. 

Sting ray RM 12.00

This is my first time to eat BBQ sting ray. Usually sting ray is cooked with curry at home. The taste is ordinary and I don't like it. Haha...

The next morning, we came to this old stall for breakfast. 

This stall is well-known with her Wanton Mee. Customers have to take one number from the stall owner before sitting down and wait to be served. We got number 27 when number 18 was being served and we waited like half an hour. 

Wanton mee RM ???

Ooops, I don't know the price because my friend's father treated the meal. And I can't understand Teochew dialect at all.  To me, the taste is OK, no surprise. Maybe I am expecting too much. 

A moment after the breakfast, we crossed the Kedah's state border to Penang! This time, we were joined by his friends at this famous Kampar Fish Jelly Restaurant. 

This restaurant sells Hakka mee, Yam Rice (actually it is Taro Rice), and many side dishes such as Yong TauFu.  

Unfortunately my phone was out of batteries so I didn't take photo of the Hakka mee. And I don't have any special fond towards Hakka mee ><

After the lunch, we went to Penang Hill to ride the Funcular Train!!! The ticket price is RM8.00 for adults and RM4.00 for students (round trip). However, this is just for Malaysian. For foreigners without the Malaysian identification card, they must pay RM30.00 for adults and RM15.00 for children. 

[Tricky: They deliberately show the "Malaysian price" info in Malay, and the "Foreigner price" in English so that only Malaysian(that can understand Malay) will get the cheaper ticket price]

ABC Ais Kacang @ Penang Hill

Char Kuay Teow (Halal) @ Penang Hill RM4.00

Last but not least, this Assam Laksa was highly recommended by a friend of my friend. The Farlim Shell Station Laksa is located nearby the Farlim Sunshine Square. 

What made the Shell Station Laksa stands out amongst all Assam Laksa in the Penang state was the big chunks of kembung fish and freshly made kembung fish balls served in one beautiful bowl of  Assam Laksa. 

Recently, Penang's Assam Laksa is placed in No.7 of CNN GO 50 Most Delicious Foods in the World. Be proud of it! 

Tata for now! 


AJ said...

the 壽面 RM2.80 (small) doesnt look small to me loh...haha,maybe the pic prob gua...btw.i tot 竹蔗水 and 甘蔗水 are the same LOL

Xjion89 said...

eat again ooo~~go wif who oooo? hehehe, btw, when in Penang, u got ppl driving izit?

Nava.K said...

Asam laksa is my fav too.

Superbearman89 said...

AJ: Haha, they are not the same. 竹蔗 is dark in color while 甘蔗 is light green.

XJ: With a friend. Yup, my friend drove.

Nava.K: Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. Asam Laksa is one of my favorites as well ^^

Wei Han said...

oh noo.. what happened to me?
i'm not attracted at all..

Superbearman89 said...

WeiHan: Maybe you're still trapped in the world of novel or my photos are not attractive to you. haha