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Monday, July 11, 2011

Sleeping Problems

I have had enough of this sleeping problem. 

Since I came back home, insomnia has happened quite frequently. 

Everytime I try to sleep early but I would wake up in the midnight and stay awake till the sunrise. When my body finally give up, then I can go to rest. 

Most of the time, I sleep less than 6 hours a day and I usually don't take nap. 

I was once thinking of taking sleeping pills but my mom said it could become an addict.

Although I am still in full health, I do think this sleeping problems will eventually affect my health in some way.

In Canada, I had little problem with sleeping. May be I was too tired of doing assignments, studying for tests and rush for classes. 

I wish I could have nature wake up everyday, just like yesterday.


AJ said...

lolz.dont la take pill,not good one :) try to sleep early la
btw,i changed my link address to http://crapcrapandcraps.blogspot.com/u know mah??haha.the old link no more d hehe...

Xjion89 said...

aiyo, find a job to do lah~~~ and plan amazingly well for Spore trip if not...hahahah, will knock u until u fall asleep!!!~~

Superbearman89 said...

AJ: I know liao loh ~~~

XJ: I can promise the trip will go smoothly and well.

Wei Han said...

ur problem is.. u slp too early d!
u shud wait till u super slpy then only u slp but not slping early and waking up at midnight.