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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Oh gosh, I killed 3 mosquitoes [while typing, I managed to kill another eight!] tonight and 4 were killed yesterday. A mosquito's life is short. One moment ago, they were sucking blood happily. Three seconds later, they might be killed in powerful palms. The lesson of this story? We should eat happily while we can  >_< 
Enough of the moral lesson, join me to the city of Montréal, Canada! Notice the acute accent on the letter "e"? Yeah, Montréal is a French speaking city. In fact, Montréal is the second largest French speaking city in the world!!! But you don't have to worry too much when you see lots of French along the streets, English speaking is quite common here.

This trip happened in last summer, just a few days before I came back to Malaysia. One word to describe this city: Awesome! I wish I was living there. In fact, Montréal is consistently rated as one of the most livable city in the world.

Back to the story, the Nickel's Restaurant Deli & Grill was the first restaurant that we had dinner once we reached the city at night after 8 hours of bus ride.

The interior design has classical retro style.

Surprisingly, the hors d'œuvre (appetizer) served was popcorn. No surprise, the popcorn was salty. For your information,  popcorn in Canada is salty, not sweat as we have in Malaysia. Weird huh?

And I ordered ribs with french fries, salads, and chicken fillets. It was quite good.

The next day, we came to this food shop to eat roasted chickens. I believe this thick-moustached uncle is a French.

Chickens being roasted.

This is the roasted chicken. To me, its taste was OK only.

At night, we came to a Irish Pub restaurant.

This is not a newspaper. Don't fool by its look. It is a menu. 

We are young, so we like challenges, right? Therefore, we had a food challenge. However, this food challenge could risk my life! Guys, I present to you, the most spicy chicken wings in the world! This ain't jokes. We even had to sign the waiver form!

Tata, this is the world's most spicy chicken wings. After the first bite, my lips were completely numb and coughed for 2 minutes and I couldn't speak a word at all. For the next 5 minutes, I couldn't feel my lips and I had to drink lots of iced water. You have to get a bite on this chicken wing to feel what I said. Unfortunately, we didn't complete the challenge.

 On the same day in the afternoon, we came to this restaurant to eat puddings.

See the poutines? Oh my grave, they were so mouth-watering. Diet? Only after this big meal ^^

The next day, we went to a dim sum restaurant.

Shrimp dumplings.

 "Siu Mai"

"Siao Long Pau"


"Yao Zha Gui Cheong Fun"

"Pregnant Fish" Yup, these fish were pregnant when they were cooked. A lot of eggs inside the stomach.

OK, done with the foods. Some pictures of this beautiful city.


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