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Monday, August 13, 2012

"Eating" the Old Memory @ Kampong Kuala Kluang, Chemor

Yesterday noon I drove to Chemor's Kampong Kuala Kluang -- a small community located 17 kilometres from Ipoh. The night before, I was craving for 河婆菜粄-- a pink coloured skin stuffed rice cake that (I believe) can only be found here in entire Perak state. 

On our way (along with mother and sister), I recalled how mother used to bring us here to buy rice cake on our way to grandpa's home at Kuala Kangsar when I was young. It had been many years since she did that. Now that I have grown up, I am the one who sit on the driver seat and stir the wheel. 

The memory is old, history is old, and yet the taste remains the same. 

 RM0.70 each; four choices provided: garlic, salted veggie, yam bean, Chinese chive   

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