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Friday, July 6, 2012

揾嘢吃@鸿图酒楼 Hoong Tho Restaurant(怡保)

          The 揾嘢吃 series is back again! The last episode was posted almost a year ago. Now that I am unemployed and searching for jobs online while waiting call from JPA, I will have more time to blog.

          This episode is about a 60 years old plus restaurant in Ipoh. To be frank, for the past 10 years, I always passed by this restaurant either in school bus, in car or on my motorcycle but I never knew it is this famous until I just came back from study overseas two weeks ago. This restaurant has undergone some major renovations recently and its business has been rocketing since then. 

          I'd never stepped into the restaurant until I came with my family 2 days ago, so I have no idea how it was like before the renovation. But I will say the new interior design is retro and clean. Thumbs up!

          Initially, I didn't order this Fried Wanton. But I saw almost every table had one, so I also ordered one. I saw the newspaper on the walls reports that their fish balls are made from 西刀鱼. It comes with a special sauce with taste like dilute sweet tomato sauce. To me, the taste and Q-ness of the Wanton is ordinary, however,  it is very crispy. So I will recommend you to try at least once.

          甜酸猪脚 was quite nice, especially the sauce. I normally don't eat the skin because of the fats, but I ate one big skin this time and it was actually quite tasty. Haha, a new entry added to my 'unhealthy-but-must-eat list".

           This 姜蓉鸡 was totally ruined by the overdosed ginger. They put so much ginger and it becomes too spicy to eat. 

          The thing I like about this 八宝豆腐 is its colour and variety of ingredients. The thing I don't like is the tofu. If the tofu was replaced with hand-made soya tofu, this dish will be great. 

          This veggie is a big surprise! The 油麦 is cooked with chillies which gives some spiciness to the veggie but not overdone it. Love it ~ ~ ~

           This restaurant is famous for its 广府炒 noodles. For your information, if you don't specify 干炒, they will do the  广府炒  style for whatever noodles just like the two picture above. The 滑蛋河 was yummy, but 火候不够. The 广府炒米粉 (as shown above) is a disaster. In my opinion, 米粉 is only suitable for 干炒

Overall score:

Environment     3.0/5.0
Food                3.0/5.0
Service             3.0/5.0
Price                 2.5/5.0

Address: Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak.

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