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Monday, July 23, 2012

揾嘢吃@新合记饭店 Sin Hup Kee Restaurant(怡保)

          Recently, I have been hunting for Ipoh foods. I realized that I wasn't so Ipohan, because there are a lot of great foods and places that awaiting me to explore. While I am still at Ipoh (unemployed sadly), I will continue to search every corner of Ipoh for FOODS before I regretted!

          新合记饭店 has been around for quite some time, and this was the third time I visited the restaurant. The restaurant had undergone expansion since my last year visit, so it is much more spacious now.

          Steamed eggs (水蛋) is one of my all-time favourites. This dish consists of three types of eggs: 皮蛋,鸭蛋 and of course 鸡蛋. It wasn't extremely good, but it is definitely worthwhile to taste.

          Yard-long beans + Eggplants + 菜埔仔 is one of the 镇店之宝 (English translation: The Sacred Treasure of the Shop??? LOL) This one is a must-order!!!

          咕鲁肉 is too sour and not too crunchy, so......

          I don't know why I hate vegetables after I came back from overseas. Maybe I ate too much vegetables there (what to do, Western foods so tempting and oily, must eat more vegetables). Nevertheless, this romaine lettuce (油麦) is very tasty (but spicy). 

Overall score:
Food              3.5/5.0
Price               3.0/5.0
Service           3.0/5.0
Environment    3.0/5.0

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p.s./ I want to buy a macro lens for my DSLR, for food/flower shootings, but I will wait patiently till I get a job.  

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