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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Am I a Movie Freak?

First of all, Happy New Year 2009! I bet you have a lot of things to be completed this year, I wish you good luck and all the best!

I had watched only a few Chinese movies in cinema with my family when I was still a child and then I had stopped watching movie in cinema until I was graduated from secondary school.

I had watched a lot of movies in 2008, sometimes with my friends, sometimes I download the movies and watch it in my laptop. Am I a movie freak? I'm not sure, but I like to watch movie. I just love it.

List of the movies that I had watched in 2008:

1. Death Note 2: The Last Name {Not bad}
2. Ghost Rider {Good}
3. Pan's Labyrinth {Must watch!}
4. Bridge To Terabithia {Sucks!}
5. 300 {Good}
6. Mr.Bean's Holiday{Bad, but quite funny}
7. Shrek3 {Must watch!}
8. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End {Good}
9. Spiderman3 {Good}
10. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer {Good}
11. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix {Not bad}
12. Transformers: The Movie {Must watch!}
13. The Simpsons Movie {Not bad}
14. 不能说的秘密 {Must watch!}
15. Resident Evil:Extinction {Good}
16. Beowulf {Good}
17. I Am Legend {Not bad}
18. The Golden Compass {Not bad}
19. Meet The Spartans {Wow, it was very funny but sucks! ^^}
20. Sweeney Todd: The Barber of the Fleet Street {Good}
21. Vantage Point {Too exciting, must watch!}
22. Step Up 2: The Streets {Not bad}
23. Jumper {Must watch!}
24. 10000 B.C. {Not bad}
25. 老师嫁老大 {Not bad}
26. The Water Horse {Bad}
27. Iron Man {Must must watch!!!}
28. The Forbidden Kingdom {Good}
29. Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull {Super exciting and must watch! However, the ending of the movie just let me down.}
30. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian {Not bad}
31. Kung Fu Panda {Very funny! Must watch!}
32. Hancock {Good}
33. The Dark Knight {Must watch!}
34. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army {Good}
35. War of the Dragons {Sucks!}
36. Journey To the Center Of the Earth {Good}
37. 文雀 {Not bad}
38. The Mummy:Tomb Of the Dragon Emperor {Good}
39. Wall-E {Must must must watch!!!!}
40. Cape No.7 {Good}

List of the movies that I want to watch but haven't download yet :(
1. Just Follow Law
2. Hannibal Rising
3. Ratatouille
4. Fracture
5. 神探
6. Rendition
7. The Game Plan
8. The Kite Runner
9. L Change The World
10. Mamma Mia!
11. Eagle Eye
12. Madagascar 2: Escape To Africa

School will re-open on 5th January 2009. I guess I'll have to working harder and watch less movies and Youtube. Good luck!


lynnanuar said...

(td salah tmpat post wahahaha)
i watched mamma mia on the plane. half-way. and i feel like cursing the pilot for ruining my heavenly moment when watching it. man, greece is damn beautiful. you have to watch it. well, only if you can tolerate musical. cause i love musical stuff. like sweeney todd. awesome dude...went to vegas and there was mamma mia theater, my heart was broken to find that the tix cost $100. I need DC++ waaaaaaaaaaa.

BeArLeOnG89 said...

I watch Sweeney Todd because I like Johnny Depp, not because of so-called musical stuff. Err, so bad. Hehe...

lynnanuar said...

i think it was awesome. johnny depp really can sing. i love his voice T_T

ziyang said...

Omg, you seldom watch Chinese movies already? Hey, 'The Water Horse' isnt that bad laa..to me, the Narnia2 is even worse..hahaha..hmmm..lynnanuar is using dc++ as well? Hohoho, I just can't live without that software in INTI! XD

lynnanuar said...

hahah dc++ could sometimes be poisonous. i used to. now not anymore since i'm off-campus. but i have my juniors living in rez, so...viva dc++!

BeArLeOnG89 said...

Well,well,well, DC++ may not be the best. I always use LimeWire to download movies. Try it :)