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Saturday, December 27, 2008

To City of Toronto!

Okay, I am just lazy-ing these few days and I finally have the mood to blogging tonight. Actually, I was waiting for my new Sony Cybershot T700 digital camera. I paid the digital camera online and I've been waiting for its arrival for 3 days...Almost layu liao >.<

Okay, I wanna talk about a funny story when I was having my dinner with my friend in a Japanese restaurant. Here is the story. We went to this restaurant to have our dinner at around 4p.m. Then we eat, eat, and eat and paid the bills. The bill was CAD$32.67. I paid the excact amount to the waitress and suddenly she asked:"How about the tips?" I was shocked and I looked at my friend, he was shocked as well. The waitress walked away and I had no idea what amount should I pay. I had never expect giving a tips in a Japanese restaurant. I won't be shocked if it was happened in a western restaurant. So, I discussed with my friend for about 5 minutes and I finally decided to give her CAD$5.00 reluctanly and immediately walked out from the restaurant. I swear, I will never go to the restaurant again, ever!

Street cars are common transportation in Toronto city.

CN Tower, the landmark of Toronto city.

You rarely see any shop selling newspaper in Canada. You just need to pay with coins and get your newspaper here. It's very convenient.

You can see stall like this around the city of Toronto. They probably selling hotdog rolls and soft drinks.

My brother :P


Xjion89 said...

haha, of coz hv to pay tips lah. U think in M;sia, everything already charged 15% including Govern and Service tax meh. Yup, ur bro is cuter(^^)

BeArLeOnG89 said...

Walao, I just post this entry and you comment immediately. Geng!