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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, well, well... I went to city of Toronto to celebrate 2009 New Year Countdown and it was so awesome! If I was celebrating the event in Hamilton which is a kampung, I think I would bore to die. Thousands of people from around the city of Toronto gathered at Toronto City Hall and yelled: 10, 9, 8, 7, ...3, 2, 1! The atmosphere was so exciting. This was my first time to celebrate New Year in Canada and the feeling was so great. I went to Toronto with my friend on 30th December 2008 and we had visited some attractive places around Toronto. We spent the first night at an inn called Canadiana which is voted as the best backpacker inn in North America. The second night, we stayed in a hotel because the inn was fully-booked on New Year Eve. The bill was quite expensive but we had no choice. So we "fully used" the room. I adjusted the air-conditioner to the minimum temperature, switched on the television the whole night and immersed myself in a hot water tab twice. But red spots appeared on my both thighs the second day, may be I'm not used to immerse the whole body in hot water. Haiz...

Okay, here are some photos:

Lady A: "Stop peeping at me!"
Lady B: "You too!"

This "cute" squirrel tries to attack me. I am serious. But she doesn't know who is bigger. Hehe...{In fact, I'm scared and walk away from her "territory". She is really fierce}

Guess what the heck is this???

Michael Lee-Chin Crystal

Well, I don't know what is so interesting about this little fountain. It catches everyone's attention.

Donald Trump is one of the most successful business men in the world indeed.

Hockey Hall of Fame

The organizers are very considerate. I used it once and I don't want to use it again. :p

Fried honey banana-so good so yummy :)

Raad na- so nice so tasty XD

Pineapple fried rice- great.

Ghostly figure!

My brother again :p

Cute or scary???

They look like Stitch from Disney, isn't it?

A movie threatre. So creative, right?

Here was where I spent the second night.


Mango Juice- so nice.

Vietnamese cuisine.

Battery was depleted when I wanted to record the fireworks. Too bad...

Thousands of people surge to the streets after the countdown was over.




lynnanuar said...

i think the squirrel got some babies, that's why it was being protective. or or or... you maybe you just stepped on its acorn, so it got angry at you. hahaha. i love the crystal-like building. and man, your mango juice makes me drool :)~~~

BeArLeOnG89 said...

Nono, I think she is the boss of that park. After she trying to attack me, the other squirrels tried to attack me as well. Damn takut. And I ran away with 100 miles per hour. XD I didnt step on her acorn, I actually stepped on her feet :P How about the food? Makes you hungry???