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Monday, August 4, 2008

A Red Day =.="

XJ: Whre u nw?
Me: I am at home nw. U kah KL ah?
XJ: Nope, 2moro parade donate blood.

Once I read his reply, I knew something bad was going to happen(my six sense is quite good).

Me: Dooi...!?? So u "kindly" invite me to join?

My guess was right. He invited me to donate blood! He is a "good" friend, I guess.( just kidding) Well, since I was free and blood donation is some kind of charity, so my answer is YES.

When it was my turn to register, there were already 117 volunteers had donated blood. Wow! I never thought this activity would get such enthusiastic reaction from people. It seems like Ipoh citizens are really generous and kind. I am proud to be a Ipoh citizen! >_<

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