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Monday, July 21, 2008

Mascots of Beijing Olympics 2008--Fuwa

I like to watch sports especially big sports events such as Olympics, World Cup and Commonwealth Games. The reasons I like to watch those sports events are:
1. Those sports events are held every 4 years.
2. I love to see the sport spirit of the athletes.

This year, the biggest sports event--Summer Olympics in Beijing will be held on 8th August. I can't wait anymore! I will sit in front of television from days to night. My favourite sport events are swimming, badminton, and track events. I know each Malaysian athlete will strike for winning medal and from the bottom of my heart, I hope they can win a gold medal. Malaysia won the first-ever Olympic medal, a bronze medal at 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics by the legendary badminton player--Rashid Sidek.

Mascots of Olympics was first promoted at 1968 Winter Oylmpics at France. This year, there are 5 mascots! They are Fuwa and each of them represents one element.

Their names are Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying, and Nini. Their names form the sentence--Beijing huan ying ni which means Beijing Welcomes You. I think their names are cute and meaningful. They are designated by Han Meilin, a well-known Chinese artist.

Beibei : Female, blue, water element, represents prosperity, gentle and pure
Jingjing : Male, black, wood element, represents happiness, honest and optimistic
Huanhuan: Male, red, fire element, represents passion, extrovert and enthusiastic
Yingying : Male, yellow, earth element, represents health, lively and vivacious
Nini : Nini, green, air elements, represents good fortune, innocent and joyous

Remember to watch Beijing Olympics on 8th August! =)


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