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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What you live for?

Just saw that my blog had 14,256 page views. Wow, never thought it would be that much!   

Tonight I got a little emotional after re-watching KevJumba's Youtube videos.

Honestly, I really like his videos, his personality, and his dad, PapaJumba. 

I think he's thoughtful, honest, and true-to-himself. Some of his videos prompt me to re-evaluate my life. 

He's one year younger than me. Yet he's living by his own in his apartment in downtown L.A. since 1 year ago. And he's doing things he likes. 

I am thinking what I live for? How am I able to fulfill my dreams? All kinds of things like that.

Thank you, KevJumba. I need to do more.

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