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Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Phase

So I already kickstarted my professional career as an engineer (process engineer more precisely) last Monday. I am a "fresh" graduate and this is my first job.

Honestly, I was kinda nervous on my first day. After having 2 slices of toasted whole grain bread with hazelnut chocolate for the breakfast, I drove to my company at 7:40. Maybe I was just too nervous, Monday Blue or whatever, I took the wrong route at the roundabout. Stupid me.

Thank goodness, I arrived at the company on time. The assistant manager came to reception counter, greeted me and brought me to my department and introduced me to my colleagues. Not all of them were there because one or two took a leave that day. Then, he handed me to the assistant engineer who sat next to me who which then guided me to tour around the facilities and introduced me to many more people from different departments. The funny thing is, the assistant engineer doesn't seem to like the R & D manager because when he asked whether I want to meet her, I said OK but he didn't bring me inside her office. I guess he had hard time dealing with her.

The entire week was pretty boring. Since I am a newbie, I have to do some readings in order to understand about the process flows and characteristics of the materials. I did some training, but most of the time I just sat in my desk doing readings.

I am expecting more fun tasks next week. Everyone seems very busy except me :(

I would like to describe more about my department and its people because a few of them are quite interesting in some way. But I have to skip.

Tata for now.

[It would be funnier if I draw what I described above instead of writing. Hmm...]

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