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Friday, October 28, 2011

One Step Closer

Of becoming a professional chemical engineer. LOL

So I was in not-so-good mood a moment ago because I couldn't do a thing about my project. 

After that, I received a mail and I opened it. Here's what I got:

AIChE membership card! In fact, I don't remember signing up for AIChE until I checked my email box out. It's completely free for undergraduate chemical engineering student. If you're one, go to their website and sign up now! 

Even if you're not, you can still sign up for these two free gifts. Just kidding. 

As a new member, AIChE generously gives out this magnetic calendars and the pocket handbook. The pocket handbook is so lovely <3

Tata for now, see ya next time! 

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Wei Han said...

Here, a bamboo for you.