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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Resolution

Last year, I set 5 goals. They are:

1) Lose weight. At least 5kg. I want to fit in my old pants.
2) Work harder in my studies. Score at least 2 As' out of 6 subjects.
3) Brush my teeth twice daily. This is a weird one. I want white sparkling teeth.
4) Do not waste money on unnecessaries. Too much money spend on camera.
5) Attend each and every class. This is hard to me because I often wake up late.

I accomplished 3 of them!

1) Lost 25 kg and I can fit my old pants now.
2) Not sure if I really worked harder but I score five A's and one B.
3) Blek, I just lazy to brush my teeth.
4) Yes! I'm no longer wasting money on camera. However, I spent a lot on clothes.
5) Haha, sorry, this is impossible.

This year, I do set new goals. But let's keep it secret for now.

Happy New Year everyone!

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