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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ain't easy eh?!

Loss of 25kg within 4 months is the toughest task in my life, so far.

The dark history:
I realized that I was overweight. Stress tore me down. I ate a lot of Lay's chips, burgers, french fries, and soft drinks. I couldn't control my huge appetite. At the end of first year, I couldn't wear the pants I brought from Malaysia that should be used for presentation. So I borrowed from my housemate. However, his pants did not fit my big belly. I was panic. Entering the second year, the situation became even worse. One day, I took a tape measure and cautiously measure my abs. The number shocked me--43 inches! I almost couldn't believe my eyes. My housemate asked me but I was too afraid to tell him. One night, I went to my coursemate's house to do an assignment. I saw a weighing scale at the door. After she entered her room, I secretly stepped on it. Again, the number came to my shock. It was 95kg!!! The new record since I was 12. From that moment, I've decided to reduce my weight.

If you couldn't imagine how I looked like when I was 95kg, this picture shows all.

My original target was 60kg. But I become lazier for the previous two months. So I set a new target--65kg.

In the first month, I lost 11kg. The next month, I lost around 9kg. From mid-July till last week, I lost 5kg gradually.

Significant changes:
1. Abs: Reduced from 43 inches to 32 inches. I can wear my old pants from 2 years ago, finally!

2. Skin: Become darker. Cardio exercises such as hiking and cycling under the big sun is a pain in the ass.

3. Legs and arms: The perimeter is reduced. Legs become more muscular.

4. Stamina: Significant increase. Once upon a time, it took me 45 minutes to climb a hill. After 2 months of regular cardio exercises, I can climb up to the peak in only 25 minutes.

How did I lose weight?
1. Nutrition: No fried foods, no rice, no snacks, less sugar, less oil, less salt, less red meats. Eat a lot of vegetables. Drink a lot of water.

2. Exercises: Cardio is the most important exercise for you to lose weight. Although weight lifting can burn more calories than cardio, stamina is priority.

3. Meal plan: 6 meals per day. No, it does not work for me. I prefer to have 3 meals.

4. Low calories: A male adult should consume 1500 calories in one day. For the first 2 months, I consumed less than that amount because I was very strict in nutrition though I ate a small amount of fried food once or twice in a month.

5. Weight loss products: Absolutely NO!!! You can't trust these products.

6. Weighing scale: Yes, it's important to measure your weight from time to time. I measure my weight at least once per day. I'm not sure when is the right time for weight measure, therefore I measure my weigh several times; in the morning before breakfast or a few hours after meal. As a matter of fact, measuring your weigh could give some confidence IF you see improvement.

7. Determination is very important.

Future plan:
Ermm, I wish I can lose 5 more kilograms in next 8 months although it will be a very challenging task. This is because I can't jogging nor cycling in winter especially when snowing. So workout in home and nutrition management is the key to success. Besides, I wish to gain some muscles. My head is big while my body is thin. It looks a bit weird.

But for now, I'm ready to shine! Muahaha......


KahJoon_AJ said...

wow!!!!!!I couldnt imagine the kokleong with 95 kg!u are very determined!!!!!i am proud of u to get rid with ur appetite!congratez for losing weight,but it is a prob for u to lose weight at there since the meal there almost all are fast food (izit??i am guessing tho...),but hope u can keep it up!jia you!next time when i meet u,then u will be muscular!

Superbearman89 said...

Yep, you're so right. Fast foods made me fat :( They will not appear in my daily meal anymore, get lost!

KahJoon_AJ said...

really?!but I really hope u can make it!

yixiong said...

what kind of cardio exercise did you do??

Superbearman89 said...

hiking, cycling, sometimes jogging but I don't like jogging loh...must do at least 45 minutes

lynnanuar said...


Xjion89 said...

btw, y u make ur header photo got the old spooky feel 1...hahaha~~

forgot to congrat on becoming the biggest loser^^

plz update loh~~