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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I am so bored, so I write

About my profs. Just wanna write about them so they will last in my memory forever.

Dr.Todd Hoare-2nd term Heat Transfer. Not my favourite prof, but he's the nicest prof ever. May be because of his young age (~32), he can get along well with the students. Most importantly, I snored in his class!!!
Rate: 9/10

Dr.Michael Thompson-2nd term Measurement. Since ChemEng 2I03 is a new course, so I won't blame him if the course is boring. Nothing much to say about him because it's simply bored to sit in his class to listen to something I am not interested.
Rate: 6/10

Dr.Peter MacDonald-1st term Statistics. He's a nice guy, but students don't like him. One of the most experienced profs in McMaster University. Has been serving this university for 38 years and he's going to retire this year. Respect!
Rate: 8/10

Dr. Kovarik- 1st&2nd terms Math. A very old prof who always carries a wood stick and a reusable bag. Still remember the first day he came to class, he took out a pair of white gloves from his bag. I stared at him and wonder what the heck he was doing [Haha]. He likes to tell joke which we usually get his joke only 10 seconds after.
Rate: 6/10

Dr.Kim Jones-1st term Problem Solving Techniques. The objectives of this course are OKAY but I don't like it. She's a nice prof, about the same age as Dr.Todd Hoare.
Rate: 6/10

Dr.James Dickson-2nd term Thermodynamics. He is my favourite prof this year! He's simply awesome, cool, and fun. Hopefully will have him in my class next term, and next next term and next next next ........term!
Rate: 10/10 [PERCECT!]

Dr.Heather Sheardown-1st term Chem Eng Principal I. I don't know why but I was completely messed up with this course.
Rate: 7/10


lynnanuar said...

i like kovarikkkkkk, and yea his jokes are meant for mathematicians, students hardly get the jokes right away. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Peter Macdonald is a very kind and nice prof even his lecture sometimes is quite boring.. But he already retired..huhu..Yeah i think i like Dickson overall and he seems cool!Dr.Todd looks like very intelligent person when he gets to heat transfer things but he seems quite "skema" too with a very neat style of hair everyday to class..hehe..but Kovarik is really funny prof..wear white gloves when he wanna write on the blackboard..i think maybe he's allergic to chalk..hehe

Anonymous said...

i dont know any of them but the most good looking ones are Dr. Todd and Dr.James Dickson, for me. Lol. I know useless comment but that's all i can think of. :DD

Superbearman89 said...

Haha, Dr.Dickson and Dr.Hoare will sure be very delighted to hear that. LOL Anyway, I don't think they both good-looking. When I look at Dr.Hoare, his face looks hilarious. Don't know why.

yashodini said...

Ahhhh I loved Peter Macdonald!! Him ,not the course =D And the next 2 of my favs are Todd and Dickson =D I think these 3 are like the most approachable n nicest profs I know!!