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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Evil Protas

Who is Protas? He's an evil. He is also Engineering Mathematics II's course coordinator and one of the three professors.

The Math Test 2 is significantly more difficult than Test 1. I barely score 9/18. It's not that I wanted to blame him for setting the questions so hard, I also responsible for my recent slacking behavior.

The test result was out two days after the test. It was quick and strange because the test 1 result was delayed very late.

So I talked to my friends in class today and then I realize the possible reason he set the questions in that level of difficulty.

Currently, there are approximately 700 engineering students. Try to guess the total number of students that attend Math classes. Around 20 students for each section!!! (there're 3 sections)

Can u imagine a lecture hall that can hold 200-300 students were all empty? And the feelings of the professors? They might not be upset, but I am pretty sure they were planning to "kill" us!!! And they did. The median is 7/18 and the average is 7.62/18.

Even the best students in the class were killed so badly!!!

Protas, you win all the time. Congratulations.


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