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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Malacca Trip

It happened three days just before the Cambodia trip. The entry about the adventurous Cambodia trip will be up soon, please be patient. Erm, initially we were going to have my youngest uncle and his family with us, but since he said that it would be too exhausted for him to drive 5 hours from Malacca back to Ipoh and then another 5 or 6 hours driving journey back to his home in Terengganu the next day, so eventually there were only my 8th auntie's family, my mom and I were headed to Malacca.

We started the car engine around 6.15 in the morning, in the midst, there were severe car accident which caused terrible traffic jam, which made us late at least half an hour from the expecting time. Anyway, we arrived safely around 10.45 a.m and the first thing we did was, went to my cousin's rented house and put our luggage there. The house was in bad condition. After settled all the stuffs in the house, we went to New Newton Cultural Village to have our lunch. And what I ate was this:

"Taiwan Chee Cheong Feng" once recommended by the 8TV TV show. However, it was overrated. It has nothing compared to "Menglembu Chee Cheong Feng". Yup, I am "Menglembu Chee Cheong Feng" no. 1 fan.

This is another overrated food--chicken rice balls. The chicken is okay, what I shocked was the rice balls. I thought it would be something really surprise me. Yes, he did. He suprised me because the rice balls was not exceptional, just that they make the rice into balls. Disappointing lunch.

After the lunch, we visited a lot of attractions, including Malacca River, Taming Sari Tower, Christ Church, St John's Fort, Taman Mini Asean and so on.

That night, we headed to Jonker Walk. It looks quite similar to Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur. The major difference was, there were no "cetak rompak". Haha.

No far from the entrance, there was a big stage. I wondered what the heck was that, and I saw a mid-aged uncle sang on the stage. There was not weird, you know I know, uncles anuties like singing. What was weird is this:

Approximately a hundred uncles and aunties sat down stage and enjoyed the singing. Wao~~~@_@

They were the most yummy cendol and ais kacang I have ever eaten. The "gula melaka" was so sweet, but a bit too over, not suitable for a "big guy" like me. I forgot the name of the shop, but you should be able to find it because when we reached the shop, there were 10 people queued outside the shop.

The atmosphere inside the shop was old-fashioned.

The next day, we went to a botanical garden. There was a National Service camp and a dinosour theme park.

Superbearman fights with the notorious corcodile.

The end. It's 4.03 am, another insomnia night.

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yalor, i know that u travel the world loh..btw, wat happen to the header pics, y the resolution of the sky is spoil? what did u do>