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Sunday, May 24, 2009

To Bandar Diraja- Kuala Kangsar

Yesterday morning, I went to Kuala Kangsar with my mom and sister to visit my grandpa, uncles and aunties. It has been one year I don't see them. I admit that I don't even think about them while I was in Canada, but it's good to see them again. I always think that I am cold-hearted, may be God had only gave me 50 percent of emotion that a normal person should have, I have to find the another half.

The another purpose I followed my mom was--to eat. Yes, to eat buns. I found out from Sinchew Daily that an old restaurant at Kuala Kangsar sells buns that was very famous among the malay communities. So, when the clock hits 2, we headed to this restaurant called

Yut Loy???? No,no,no. You should read Loy Yut. Why read the name in reverse? In fact, the old Chinese name is written from right to left. So, you should read the name from right to left too. Interesting, right?

It is a very old fashioned restaurant. Most of the customers are malays. When we reached there around 2.10pm, the restaurateur told us we have to wait. Thus, we wait patiently while I looked around the restaurant. The cleanliness of the kitchen was OMG, houseflies were everywhere. As soon as the buns were ready, the restaurateur told us that all buns were sold out. What the heck? How could that possible? They claim they can sell 3000-5000 buns per day. What the fuck? I say, that is impossible. Whatever. In the end, we left with 13 buns which is RM19.

This is stewed beef bun. In my opinions, it was okay. I will give 5 out of 10. Haha. I am very strict when come to eating.

Oops, my mom and sister "accidentally" become my supermodels for this snapshot.

And I saw this old-fashioned motorcycle parked at the corridor, so cute. I could imagine when I ride the motor on roads, and the motorcycle break apart in a sudden, because of my weight. Haha, it's not good to make fun of someone's weight. ZzZZzZzZzZ

This gate is very meaningful. When I was young, I always went to my aunt's home with my cousins. And the fastest way to reach her house is through this gate. This gate wasn't exist and the house behind the trees wasn't occupied when the time we always visit my aunt's house. The only thing left is sweet memories.


lynnanuar said...

learning to say fuck now in blog eh? wakakaka, am i a bad influence. sorry beb :D

Xjion89 said...

omg, u really gained some weight~~~~~the motorcycle almost collapsed when u sat on it~~~(^^)