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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Final Countdown

Less than 25 days, I will be able to drink kopi-iced and eat nasi lemak, again. Before that, I have to confront the final battle. It won't be easy, but I'll win, for sure.

Tomorrow: Engineering Design and Programming 1D04: I don't like programming. I only have 70% chance to win this battle.

Physics 1E03: Surprisingly, I do well in physics this semester. And more surprisingly, I chose Engineering Physics as my third choice. 80% chance to win.

Calculus 1ZZ5: I did pretty well in the previous tests except the first one. 85% chance to win.

Introduction to Professional Engineering 1P03: The worst course I've ever taken. Stupid project! 70% chance to win.

Macroeconomics 1BB3: Did pretty well compared to microeconomics. 80% chance to win.

Introduction to Materials 1M03: It's going to be a harsh battle! 75% chance to win.

Let's do a lecturer evaluation.

1st Semester:

Chemistry 1E03-Prof. Barbier Dumont: Good lecturer, humorous. I believe he's not Canadian. May be from German or other European country due to his ascent.

Microeconomics 1B03-Prof.Hannah Holmes: Not bad. But her style of lecturing is kinda boring. Sometimes, I fell alseep in her class. =)

Engineering Design and Graphics-Dr.T.Doyle. Well, his name is a bit funny to me. Only 50 minutes lecture per week, so no comment to his style of lecturing.

Introductory Mechannics 1D03-Dr.McKay: An old man with grey hairs and big belly. Humorous, joyous, experienced.

2nd Semester:

Engineering Programming 1D04-Dr.Mihai Albu- To me, he looks like a punk. Long hair to shoulders, bushy beard, always hold a coke on his hand. Funny guy. Plus, he used to be in the same bus with me twice! =) Weird >,<

Materials Science 1M03-Prof.J.Hoyt- I never remember his name. His class starts at 8.30am. So, I always ponteng. Humorous. He's a good actor. =)

Physics 1E03-Dr.W.Okon- Youngest among all my lecturers. Funny guy. One day in class after the course evaluation had been done, he read the comment a student wrote, and he yelled: "Dr.Okon is sexy and cute." All students in class laughed like hell. I don't whether the student did write the comment or Dr.Okon just lied. It's a mystery till now. =)

Intro to Pro. Engineering 1P03-Dr.Robert - No comment.

Macroeconomics-Prof. Bridget O'Shaughnessy- Humourous. Always mock engineering students in her class.

Here comes my two favourite lecturers. Both are calculus lecturers.

Math 1Z04-Dr.Childs: Super funny guy. He has lots of fans. Every student likes him. Me too!

Math 1ZZ5-Dr.Protas: Another funny guy. Not as popular as Dr.Childs. Yet, he's my favourite lecturer. And his favourite quotes:
1) "Let me get some colored chalks~~~"
2)"Ah, babbabbabbababa~~~" and he just "bababbabababab~~" facing the blackboard holding a chack on his right hand.

The end. The final battle begins~


lynnanuar said...

mckay rocks. hahaha. and yea okon, he's a hottie :D

Xjion89 said...

gambateh!!!!! u can do it(^^)!!! can't wait to meet up!!!

papergoat said...

Woohoo~ Good luck in your battle! We are waiting you~ Heyhey, don't forget to buy me buah tangan wor~ Wuahahaha

BeArLeOnG89 said...

Thanks everyone. We're the champions!