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Friday, February 13, 2009

25 Things About Me

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged . You have to tag me back!!! If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

Haiz, I don't have mood to study tonight. And I remember that my friend has tagged me but I keep delaying writing this entry because I am busy this week. Since I am not in study-mode now, so I will complete the "mission" given by my friend, start from now!

1. I just finished my Calculus 1ZZ5 Test 2 at 9.45pm. I'm quite sure that I can score a good mark for this test. But God always wanna play fool with me. For the Test 1, I thought I would score 17 out of 20. However, I scored only 14. I was very upset when I knew my marks. My friends thought that I would score high marks and called me and I was not happy, by telling them I scored 14 =(

2. I has become fatter and fatter since I came to Canada! It's to horrible! Arghh, I used to be 70kg and now, I think my weight is at least 80kg. Damn it! I wanna keep fit, keep fit, keep fit.........

3. I love singing but I know my singing is sucks. My friend wrote in her tag that she's used to sing in bathroom in her home but ease doing it now because she shares bathroom with her housemates now. I keep on singing in bathroom though I shares the bathroom with my housemates. Singing is fun! =)

4. I has severe dog-phobia. I don't even dare to touch a puppy. Last week, I sat in a bus with a dog and he's just 30cm away from my seat. And I didn't dare to look at the dog and I was frozen, I tried to take his photo, but I quit. If you were in the same bus with me and look at my expressions, you might asked : "Are you sick? Your face is pale."

5. I love to watch wrestling show. But I can feel that my passion and enthusiasm to WWE show is slowly faded away. The storyline is too bad. Well, we know that wrestling is fake.

6. Although my passion to wrestling is slowly decreasing, my enthusiasm to Japanese anime will never fade! I still watching Naruto Shipudden and Bleach every week.

7. I like cyclying. When I was in Malaysia, I bike my bicycle at least once a week. I like to take my bicycle and cycle around my neighbourhood. But since I have a motorcycle license, I take motorcycle more than bicycle. I don't know whether I should buy a bicycle here, I have thought about it but never take action.

8. I scored 83% for my physics test 1 and I was happy because I screwed up my first physics test last term. Gambateh!

9. I miss Ipoh "Chee Cheong Feng" so much! I 've addicted to Chee Cheong Feng since I was young( I'm old, 20 already -_-" ) and I still can't adapt to Canadian's food culture, so sucks!

10. I cut my finger when I broke my housemate's glass 3 months ago and there is a scar. The wound is so deep and I think the scar is permanent.

11. I will spend Valentine's day this year alone, again =(

12. I bought a T700 Cybershot digital camera about 2 months. I just love photographing! If I was given $1000, and I have two options: buy a new Nike sports shoes or a new digital camera, I will definitely choose the second option.

13. I have at least 5 nicknames. Most of them are weird. I don't know why my friends want to give such humourous nicknames.

14. I think I am gonna create a new blog at Wretch. The blog will be written in Mandarin.

15. I wish I can see ghosts. I always imagine that I will see a ghost in the mirror when I am washing my face. At the same time, I very scare of ghosts. I don't like to watch ghost movie, it's too fake. I'll laugh when I watch ghost movie with my friends.

16. I wish I can travel aroud world one day. I like travel. Everytime I visit Wretch blog, I always visit blogs which write about the blogger's experience who travel to foreign country. Their photos always capture my attentions.

17. I am not a perfectionalist. But I always try to complete a given task perfectly. I don't like the feelings of failure.

18. It's 2.15am now and I still have 7 more to go!

19. I cook everyday. I know I have to polish my cooking skills, but I think I improved a lot since the first week. I once tried to cook curry chicken, however, it was a big big big failure. I am going to "steal" some secret recipe from my mom after I go back to Malaysia and I will be the Iron Chef after the summer break. XD

20. I have no clue on what I gonna do after I go back to my hometown. May be I will travel to neighbouring countries.

21. I have two "daughters". They're so cute. Soon, I will be "father" again because there will be a new baby when I go back. =)

22. Next week is Reading Week. To me, it's Shopping Week.

23. I am sleepy now. 2 more to go....

24. As I said before, I'm gaining weight now. I realised it when I was wearing my jeans and I couldn't button my jeans. Argh, I never thought I would be so fat right now. Lack of exercises ,eating non-stop, etc but I like to eat, I can't control myself...

25. Okay, last one. I'm a bear.

Phew, finally, yeah! Mission accomplished!

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Xjion89 said...

gaining weight! Me too...i am so happy!(^^)