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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Raya, RaYa, rAyA

On last Friday night, 20 members of McMaster Conquerors a.k.a MASAM went to Mahal Restaurant to eat buffet to celebrate the coming Raya. I will tell my story through the photos below.

The name of the restaurant is Mahal Restaurant, but the price of the buffet is affordable, only CAD $14.78.

This is just a random photo by my friend, Saru.

The inferior design of the restaurant is pretty good. I like the environment.

This thing is called custard. The taste is not bad, I had never ate custard before. It's actually a mix of ice-cream and cake.

Well, I am still the champion. Five rounds, not bad hah?!

See this long table? 20 McMaster's conquerors were having our dinner here.

Again, this is just a random picture. This building is Jackson Square, the ground floor is a shopping square. I always come here to shopping. n_n

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