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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Best of The Best @_@

As I promised to my old friend, I update my blog today.

Well, I have a good news. McMaster University Libraries is the winner of 2008 Association of College and Research Libraries and Excellence in Academic Libraries Award. Congratulations!!!

I think the minor factor that contributed to the victory of McMaster Libraries is this BIG BIG BOMB: Apple Dekstop!!!

It's so cool when I sit in front of the Apple dekstop. Try to imagine the feeling when you watch a video/movie on this 29 inches LCD screen. Oh my gosh, tell you guys, it's damn syok!

The keyboard is pure white and very thin. When I touch each key, the feeling is really good~~~ See how thin the keyboard is.

Oh ya, McMaster University Libraries is not the only best of the best. The HP Deksjet F4200 All-in-one printer, scanner & copier series that I just bought it last Thursay is another BIG BOMB for me. (n _ n)

Try to guess what is the price for this all-in-one HP printer. I think you won't believe how low is the price that I am going to tell you. It's CAD$29.99!!! {Another OMG}
I save over CAD$90. Believe it or not? Believe it. The funny thing was, when I bought the printer, the staff told me that they lost lots of money by selling this series of printer in this low price. So what?! Customers (especially me) happy mah! Hehe...^^

The weather is damn cold now. I have to wear jacket everyday to campus. If not, I can't tahan the coldness. Leaves start to turn red~~~

Below is two random photos that I took. Enjoy!

Rice+Vegetable+Pork...I always upload photo of my meal, and I never get bored...Hehe...

McMaster University Downtown Centre...The monumen is George Hamilton and his family.

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Xjion89 said...

Finally , a new post! Waaa, got apple tim woh.but, my uni oso upgrade all the pc in the com lab. very geng leh! All 19-inches flat panel-wide, and 4Gb RAM...all using Vista