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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Ex-Colleague's Christian Wedding Banquet

Yesterday night I had attended an ex-colleague's wedding banquet. He is a Christian. So the banquet was held in a very Christian way. First of all, all guests stood up and sang Christian songs; two in English and one in Mandarin. It was very new to me. And if you'd attended Chinese wedding banquet in the past, we would stood up and yell "yum sing" together with the bride and broom on the stage. This time, though, we were required to yell either "blessing" in English or "祝福“ in Cantonese. Seriously, I found it very weird and funny. And we did it first sitting on the chair. LOL...Then the MC might find it very weird too and so requested us to stand. Other than this, everything else is similar to Chinese's.

Oh one more thing, we had a small mooncake instead of peanuts. Nice!

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