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Friday, January 11, 2013

Phase-Changing 2012

Just in a blink of eye, year 2012 is gone. And the world has not ended.

Year 2012 was a phase-changing year.

I sat for my last final exams as an undergraduate student in McMaster University and officially graduated on June 15, 2012. Argh, I missed so much the days I walked to campus wearing T-shirt, shorts and slippers under the sun in summer's mornings.

After finishing my final exams, I travelled to Western United States in a car with a couple of friends. I went to my dream place -- San Francisco for the first time! Before that, we went to Colorado, Denver, Grand Canyon, and a couple of small towns. Damn, I like the peaceful small towns sooooooo much. It was such a pleasant and memorable experience. Almost forgot to mention one of the most liveable cities in the world -- Vancouver. Eh, I met a couple of old friends there. Other than that, the city is not cup of tea. Also, I travelled to the city that never sleeps -- New York. Erm, it wasn't my dream place, still it was a good trip.

At the end of June, I came back to Ipoh and unemployed for a long period. Time wasted. Anyway, I went to several interviews but in vain.  Then, I came to this company and has worked like hell till today. Well, I like the people and most importantly my job. I think I will stay here for at least a year.

Let's hope the best in 2013!

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Xjion89 said...

ahahaha, one year,it is(^^)

Happy Chinese New Year(^^)