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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Journey to the West (United States)

          One of my dreams is to travel via bike. It may take a few years, though, to fulfill this dream.
          Nevertheless, this trip to Western United States via car is the best trip, so far, in my life. In this trip, five of us crossed 4 states (Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada) and 5 cities (Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Durango, Denver and San Francisco). 

          Because the distance from one place to another is very far (average 8 hours), most of the time of the trip is actually spent in the car. There's one fun thing and not-fun thing about this road trip; the fun thing is we were amazed by the magnificent landscapes along the road; the not-fun thing is pain of our butts as a result of sticking to the seat for hours. Nevertheless, it was a great and memorable experience. 
          I am lazy to describe the entire trip in words, so I will show you the pictures. A picture is worth a  thousand words after all.

Venice in Las Vegas? 

Hell Kitchen!!! 

Flying Fox at Fremont Street

Some tips? 

Hoover Dam

A beautiful coffee shop 

Grand Canyon

Landscape near Flagstaff 

Finally some Chinese foods!!! 

Guess what is this for??? 

Our rental car 

Ski resort at Colorado 

Snow mountains behind me

Crystal clear lake 

A floating house 

Eh, I forgot where is this :p

The eagle 

Black Dragon Canyon

Long long long road

You're the candy of my eyes

Lombard Street 

Postcard Row 

The paradise for gay and lesbian 

At San Francisco

High-five with Gandhi

The Golden Gate Bridge

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