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Sunday, February 19, 2012

To the Tip of Canada

Last summer, just before I flew back to Malaysia, me and a group of friends rented a car and drove to the Point Peele National Park - a national park at the southern Ontario, Canada. Unlike other national parks in Canada, Point Peele is well-known for its bird-watching. 

I didn't go there for bird-watching, though. I just wanted to get out of my boring bedroom. That day was rainy; however the tiny rain did not shatter our (their) minds to see the birds. My seniors did really put their hearts onto the event; they bought a bird encyclopedia and a binocular Oh my goodness, I do admire their efforts. 

Just like any other national parks, the entrance fee is not free. Each one of us had to paid CAD $7.80. For your information, the entrance fee is slightly lower from November to March, which is CAD $6.05. I think this is due to the fact that most people would rather travel to south America or other warmer places during the winter time instead of watching bird in the cold.

To be honest, I don't remember the names of these birds. There were too many of them, and I couldn't care less about it.  But I must admit they were all unique and beautiful. And to my surprise, they sing really well. We can basically differentiate between similar appearance birds by their singings. Because it's quite difficult to search for the birds in the bush and on the trees which have similar colours to the branches, you have to rely on the bird's singing to find the bird sometimes.  

Point Peele is also a natural habitat of over 700 species of flowering and non-flowering plants. Unfortunately, last year the winter was rather long and we didn't have the chance to see the blooming of the flowering plants. 

Oh yeah, Point Peele is also located at the tip of Canada. So I was at the tip of Canada! How cool is that?!

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