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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hoax or Real?

I was in Kuala Lumpur yesterday to retrieve my passport. On my way back to Pudu Sentral, a young fat lady appeared before me and asked me to take a gift card. I knew what was that. I have the similar occasion at Terminal Bandar Tasik Selatan. 

I tore the gift card off. And I got the grey circle again, which means I got the super bonus! Last time, I got the super bonus but I was lazy to go to Midvalley to retrieve the gift. The super bonus gifts including 3 luxurious cars, LCD TVs, a laptop, a fridge, air tickets to Turkey, Japan and Australia, and other home appliances. 

I wasn't excited. Because I think this could be a hoax. The lady talked to me for a while (like 15 minutes) and trying to persuade me to follow her to her office to meet her supervisor which will explain to me the terms and conditions. I was hesitated but decided to follow her anyway. Because she said I will get RM8000 at least. I was very cautious and demand to talk to her supervisor. I asked him several questions and inquired the agent office's license number but nothing found suspicious. 

She asked me to take a cab with her and then said she has no money. Never mind that, I paid for her. On the way to the office, she tried to talk to me but I just "fu yan" her. She even took out her IC to further prove that she is not a swindler. I was still very cautious and took a photo of her IC using my cellphone and said I will report to the police if she ever tried to cheat me.

 We came to an area which is completely stranger to me. She said her supervisor will come at a later time so we sat down in a cafe shop and wait. Again, she tried to talk to me. It was like an ask and answer session. But this time, I was more relaxed and talked to her a bit. 

After that, we went to her small office which appeared to me a scam company. Finally, her mysterious supervisor appeared.-- a young guy in mid 20's. For the next 20 minutes, he talked about the terms and conditions, what companies they are representing, and showed me some old newspaper to prove they are not cheaters. I fulfilled all the T&Cs but I must prepare RM6600 to prove to them that my financial is sufficient to help promoting the Japanese companies they are representing. They will copy down the series number and return the money to me.

Alright, I don't have that much of cash in my local bank and the maximum limits of cash withdrawal using my foreign bank ATM card per day is not sufficient to cover that amount. The lady was very disappointed. Because she could get RM3000 commision if I had drew one of the luxurious cars. 

That's the story. I was hoping to get one of the cars too, but luck wasn't on my side. Or should I say, luck was on my side, but I let it go. 

p.s./ This is my last post in Malaysia for the next 8 plus months. GoodBye Malaysia and hoping to see you again next year!!! 


AJ said...

huh??u really believe on that thing??got 6600 also dun give them la...sure cheating one!

Xjion89 said...

@@ so free geh, stil follow her bek~

lynnanuar said...

definitely a scam.