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Saturday, June 18, 2011

揾嘢食@艺食阁火鍋城 + Bean Bar + Diamond Kopitiam

 Life is not easy. Therefore, we should always treat ourselves with great foods after hard work. Starting with 艺食阁火鍋城 which I went with my mother two weeks ago. The foods were truly DISAPPOINTING and EXPENSIVE! The price for BBQ + Steamboat is RM33.80 while Steamboat  is RM29.80. I think it is RM5 more expensive than 碳世界火鍋店, not sure though. They provide 3 types of soup: "ching tang",tom yam and herbal. We can only choose one of them. We ordered tom yam but the soup was OK.

They provide variety kinds of seafood, meats and 釀豆腐. The seafood were quite OK. I like the juicy sotong, oysters, and chicken satay. According to my mother, the 釀豆腐 was a disaster >_< 

 The second stop is Diamond Kopitiam. This kopitiam was opened about 2 years ago and gain popularity increasingly in Menglembu.
The Kopi Ice is good. The red bean drink is a must drink! Very smooth and not too sweat. You can add ice-cream on top. Besides, they provide a lot of desserts like Colorful Ais Kacang. They are very popular as well.  The 釀料 is as good as 大树脚.

 Last but not least, let's fly to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and have a dinner at the Bean Bar. This western restaurant is located in Westdale, a small yet well-developed area with lots of restaurant, bars and fashion shops.

Beer Marinated Fish & Chips. Do you where to eat the best fish & chips? The answer is England.  They have the best fish & chips ever in the world. I wish I could try just once. This fish & chips ain't bad at all but it's not crispy ='( Served with mayonese, lemon, and salad, it's a must try!

 Oh my grave, this is the best cake ever!!! With cashew nuts and variety kinds of nuts and the smooth chocolate flavor all in one, this cake totally blown me away ~ ~ ~ very far away


Wei Han said...


Jhen said...

hey ya. dropping by your blog as well. :)
fish and chips are all over the UK. but it's not difficult to find a delicious one tho. lol.

Superbearman89 said...

WeiHan: Oh yeah, BEER marinated ~~~ but dunno why I didn't get drunk geh? haha

Jhen: Thanks for dropping by!!! Must try one in UK ~~~

Xjion89 said...

eating nonstop in Ipoh~~sure gain weight...hehehehe~