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Thursday, February 24, 2011

One day ski-trip to Horseshoe Ski Resort

Oh man, it's been a month since I last update my blog. You can't blame me, I was busy. Now, I'm enjoying my spring break a.k.a study week. Well, I do not go anywhere nor do I study during the break. I'm freaking lazy!

OK, back to the main topic. Yesterday, I went to ski! Hooray! It was my first time! Yaya, although I has been living in Canada for 3 years, I never ski till yesterday. You know what, I was told that less than 10% of Canadians ski!!! It was a shocking fact to me!

The trip was organized by McMaster's MSA. We gathered outside the Student Centre around 6.45 a.m. Wake up early in the morning during break is a pain in the butt! The bus Coach Canada departed around 7.15 a.m. and arrived at the resort around 10 a.m.

Just a few minutes after we arrival, a mid-aged man wearing a red snow jacket aboard the bus. He was a trainer. He explained what we should do and what we shouldn't.

After that, we were given a ticket right after we came down from the bus. Oh wait, I forgot to mention the kind-hearted bus driver. He donated his 3 hours to drive us to/back from the ski resort without paid! Thank you so much!!! ^^

Then, we had to pay to get a locker to put our bags. The machine was so stupid. You have to pay exact cash, otherwise the machine will "shallow" your cash! Fortunately, it didn't happen to us.

What's next?

Step 1: Get your boots: The boots were made from hard materials. I walked like a robot. ^^ A little joke here: The staff asked my friend, Nava his size, but my friend replied "ski" for several times until I corrected him. Haha, it was funny.

Step 2: Get your ski: The ski was heavy. I'll say about 10 kg. The staff will ask your weight so that they can adjust the "binding" system on the ski. Why they ask for your weight? The "binding" system is designed such that when you fall, the "bind" will release your boots so you won't get injured.

Step 3: Get your poles: There are a variety of poles, each with different color. The choice depends on your weight as well.

What's more? It's ski-time! Not quite yet. You had to go through a series of lessons before you can ski. Basically, there were 5 stations that we had to pass. We had to pass each station in order to attain a color sticker.

Station 1: Introduction to Ski/Snowboard: Structure of the ski/snowboard, how to put on the boots onto the ski/snowboard, how to move and stop the ski/snowboard.

Station 2: How to ski/snowboard down the slope: This is the fun part! So, we had to learn how to do the "pizza". It's a basic ski technique. We must perform the "pizza" so that we can slowly ski down the slope. Sounds easy, right? No, it was freaking hard!!! I admit I'm clumsy and has zero talent. When my friends finished the lesson, I still hadn't climb up the slope! The slope wasn't stiff, but with the ski, it was really hard. To most people, the hard thing wasn't to climb the slope, but how to stop the ski! The ski is almost frictionless. When you ski down the slope, the velocity can increase very fast and you will scare. So you tend to use your poles to stop but it won't work.

Station 3: How to perform the "pizza" and turn: I didn't perform the stunt at Station 2 and straightaway went to this station. But then I felt a bit guilty. So I left the queue and headed back to Station 2. It took me nearly half an hour to complete the stunt. I couldn't stand firm on the snow and keep slipping and falling. The same problem happened at Station 3. So there was a line, nearly 30 people waiting. I had to climb up the slope with the ski. It was all about balance! It took me a really long time to climb the slope. In the process, you can see a few people having the same problem as me. Slip and fall! You can also hear people yelling: "Pizza! Pizza!". Oh my god, I was frustrated but I never give up. First attempt, failed! Second attempt, failed again! Third attempt, failed again! The forth attempt wasn't a perfect stunt, but I managed to get the "tick mark" from the trainer. At that time, it was already 3.15 p.m., the bus will leave at 5 but the line was too long. I decided not to go to Station 4. Instead, I stayed at Station 3 and tried to practise the "pizza". Needless to say, slip and fall is a must. The worst thing is I injured my little finger! Haiz, I guess pain is the best learning process ><

To sum it up, skiing is fun, tough, and unstoppable!

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