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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Summer Rain

Only rain can comfort my heart now
I still remember the old days
When he was still a school bus driver
When I was still a primary school student
He was an old man
They called him Uncle Guang
For 6 years, I had been in his little bus
His bus had a very special mark
It was a red ladybird
Every school-day, his bus reached my old home at 5.30
when the sky was still dark
Your face is still very clear
Although I had long forgotten faces of those
in the same bus with me
I still remember the dark forest
There was a few very old factories in the forest
I don't remember what they were
There was a wooden bridge over a river
I am afraid they were gone
The path was not easy
When the sky was raining
it became wet
Are u still there?
You sold your bus when your wife was sick
I never heard of you afterwards
I like the smell before rain fall
It's refreshing
When will be the first drop of summer rain?
I'll wait.

P.S.: A few days ago, those memories pop out from my mind. When I grow older, I become more emotional. Anger, sadness, and happiness start to grow stronger.

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