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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Salads + Heat Transfer + Pangea 2010 + About Others'

Since last week, I fall in love with salads.

When I bought the salad from the Student Center and I first bite the potato (not actually know what was that), oh my, I was in love.

Now, my mind keep thinking of salads every single day. I will go to buy salads either from Metro which is near to my house or Student Center.

I feel so satisfied when I put them into my mouth slowly. Ermmm, yummy~~~

Will my body weight finally drop? No. Because I love Lay's potato chips too, although it has zero trans fat.

A short story to share. Yesterday I went to Metro to buy some groceries. I left my basket fulled with stuffs and a Green bag on location X and I went to search for asam in hope I can cook asam fish because I dropped by Yash's house on Saturday to make "Tong Yuan" for the multicultural event Pangea and she was about to cook asam fish. I felt so hungry at that moment and I wished I could stay for dinner. Hehe. Then I said to myself I want to cook asam fish on Sunday. When I came back to pick up the basket, it disappeared into thin air. I searched over the market throughly and I couldn't find the basket anywhere. Argh, what to do, I had to shop again.

The multicultural event Pangea was held on Sunday. I did not attend the event because I was in rush to finish my lab report. Err, hate the report! The event was a huge success. There were around 20 cultural performance and pavilions. Although I was absent, I showed up the day before the event and I watched a few awesome on stage performances. Especially the performance from Netherlands I guess, not sure though, judging by the appearance of the lady who dresses like the Dutch lady.

I had my heat transfer yesterday evening. It wasn't too bad, but I definitely need more time to finish the paper. I got 71 for the first paper and I was like YEAH!

Hopefully I could maintain the grade.

Although heat transfer is said to be the most difficult course (said by professor himself, this course used to have 5 tests), I think it's okay. The concepts and theories are very interesting. In fact, I prefer heat transfer than Thermodynamics.

Whenever people write about their parent(s) in their blog, it is heartwarming. For example, this post. Be strong.

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Xjion89 said...

waaa, suddenly like salad oooo~~~hehe, yalor, can get slim wif salad~~~