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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Free gift from Rogers

Well, I had never received a free gift until this evening. I woke up at 3 p.m. Yea, I am pretty lazy though I have two assignments and a presentation due next week.

Then, I heard my cell phone rang. So I took it out from my bag and checked it out. A message from Rogers and the message wrote: "A free gift 4u!". I was curious and thought it was a hoax. Nevertheless, I checked out the website and yes, the website exist.

I had 3 chance to pick up a free gift from 10 boxes. I messed up the first two chance, so I decided to choose randomly. "Congratulations!" and I knew I did it. What a luck!

There were 4 options:
1) A new movie or game rental from Rogers plus [I am not gonna choose this option since I can download movie or game]
2) A free 2 or 6 month subscription to a Rogers publishing magazine [ well, I don't read magazine]
3) Personalize your mobile phone or MP3 with a free Tego skin [ this sounds awesome]
4) Donate my gift to United Way/Centraide [Absolutely no! I am not that generous though I am a nice person ><]

So I had chosen the third option. Here is the design of my cell phone skin.

It's look pretty cool. But my cell phone is cheap, it might look better on more advanced ones like iPhone. Anyway, I am the lucky guy of the day! ^^

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