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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When guys cook

What happened??? Only one word can possibly describe the situation: mess!!! It has been the 2nd time we cooked chickens. The first night we went out to eat; the second day we cooked tomato spicy chickens and fried rice; the third night we went out to eat at Sapporo Japanese Restaurant; and today we cook Kurma chickens. And we'll cook pork tonight. Hehe :)

Although this is the 3rd time we cook, we've get used to cooking already.

The procedure to cook Kurma Chicken are as follows:

1. 4 servings = 8 chicken legs.

2. One pack of Maggi's instant coconut milk powder aka santan :)

3. One pack of Maggi's Kurma Chicken Mix.

4. Fry the chickens till golden.

5. Heat five big spoons of oil. Pour in garlic and onions and cook until golden.

6. After that, put in the Kurma Chicken Mix and 3 cups of water.

7. Put the chickens into the mix. 20 minutes later, pour in santan and done!

Oh, yummy!!!

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