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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Raya This Year--Second Round

I was busy for the past 2 weeks and will be very busy for the following weeks. So I will try to update every 2 weeks.

Last Saturday was one of the happiest day in this old city. The night before, Peter and I went to the Malays' house to help them out. In fact, we didn't help much since we don't know how to cook Masak Merah Chicken. However, I did help to cut and slice onions and garlic. Here are the evidence.

They bought a lot of materials and spices from the ones I know to the unknown ones.

From 10pm till the morning, they cooked non-stop. I must praise them for being so Iron-Chef.

Me? I was very sleepy and hungry so I decided to eat instant noodles gave by my junior while watching Stephen Chow's old movie "Look Out Officer" on Youtube.

Past 4 a.m, I couldn't tahan anymore so I cycled back to my house along with Peter. It was so nice to cycle at midnight because no one would disturb you and you can do things you don't dare to do at days. For example, violate a red light. (^<^) I slept till 11 a.m and I thought I was late because we were supposed to meet at Alyssa's house at 11 a.m. Immediately, I went to Peter's room and he was lying on the bed with lappy in front of him. So I asked him and he replied that the Malays were just woke up. Fainted.......I can't blame them because they did all the works and they deserved to wake up late. >< Close to 12pm, we headed to Alyssa's house with a van cab. Aiya, almost forget to mention that I wore a yellow color traditional Baju Melayu that day!

It looks good on me. Hehe. After we arrived at Alyssa's house, the first thing I heard was: "Ah, KOK LEONG!!" from Miss Yash. Okay, I admit I was so handsome that day and girls were attracted to me. Haha, I think too much. Not so later, the first guest family arrived. We gave a warm welcome to them and after a short pray by the Malays' friends, the Raya open house had officially begun!

Surprisingly, I didn't eat much that day as I always did. I love the desserts and cookies that were made by Alyssa, Darleena and Yash. They were so good and I couldn't stop myself from put those cookies into my mouth, same thing happened to Alias and Yasser. As I quoted: Makan dessert ini macam makan dadah, you just can't stop."

Officially my new logo. ^^

Later, the second guest family came. We talked aloud, we took photos crazily using digital cameras and DSLRs, we had a "pillow talk" without pillow on the basement, we played Wii games and we ate.

Around 5 p.m, the guest families left. But before one of guests left, in the dining room, he told us that he will give us $ 1000 for each who graduate successfully. Everyone was like flying to the heaven when heard that. And he said it twice: "I promise. I will do it! I will do it!". Undoubtedly, it was a huge motivation for us to study harder.

There is him.

Open house ain't open house without ladies.

This photo is so nice. It gives me a feeling of back to the old good time.

Had fun outside.

Thanks guys.


lynnanuar said...

j'aime la noire et blanche photo aussi ;D et tu semble bon en jaune! je l'aime. merci pour aider et preparer les nourritures.

Superbearman89 said...

Alla, senior nak show off french pula. Haha

~ReeN~ said...

Nice blog too kok leong!!
many photos and its interesting..
ya its not bad though..nice=)

Xjion89 said...

wow, take care!!! dun eat too much!!!!^^