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Friday, September 18, 2009

After 14 days

Today is the 15th day at Hamilton. I start to love this city. In first year, I complain that this city was so old and the shopping malls were so small. But I didn't think that way anymore. Well, I don't know why.

Everything went smoothly in the university. All my classes end before 2.20pm except Wednesday which the last class ends at 5.20pm, so I'm satisfied with the timetable. However, next semester will be disaster! All the classes starts at 8.30 am. I really hate this because I can't wait up that early. Anyway, I have to force myself. Last year, I missed a physics lab and almost missed 2 chemistry labs which all started at 8.30 am. Luckily for next semester, all labs start in the evening.
What not so happy is my French class. Attending the class is like show up in 8TV's show Kan Cheong Kitchen. The professor ask questions on everyone and I can barely understand what she said. Although she's very nice, but I feel nervous every time she ask questions. Even made me feel worse was almost everyone can answer her questions, only a few of us that act like "rusa masuk ke kampung".

In home, my role is a chef. Yes, but not iron chef. I constantly cook with the help of my housemates(usually Peter/Saru). The fact is, I can cook broccoli very nicely. Not only broccoli, I also excelled in cooking other veggies. I am kinda proud of myself. Hehe...There will be a Personal Enrichment Project and I think I will use "learn how to cook" as my topic.

Talking about my weight, I cycle to Princess Point regularly(almost everyday) for 2 purposes:
1. To breath fresh air
2. To burn fats(the route is approx. 7.5 km)

I hate gyms and don't like jogging, so cycling would be the best exercise for me. I bought my bicycle at Sears after a few days I came to Hamilton. The bike cost me CAD$ 180++. I like the bike very much. I wonder why bikes here is soOooOooO expensive. There are bikes up to CAD$8000++ 0_O Oh Jesus, who's gonna buy those bikes?

My house is kinda near to the university, so I cycle to school everyday. It takes me around 8 minutes. It's a good exercise too. ^^

The third thing I do after wake up is to write this post, u know, besides morning-pee and breakfast. Going to prepare for school, so goodbye for now.

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lynnanuar said...

ew dont you have morning-showers? :P yea for french, it will get harder in the end, gradually :D good luck with that. and those bikes, they are super light. it's the material that they use to manufacture the bikes that makes them expensive, i was told.

cycling everyday to princess point, jealous jealous!