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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Friends from UTP

Yesterday was another ordinary day until my ex-coursemates from UTP came to Ipoh. I went to Jaya Jusco around 2.15 pm and I called my friend. The surrounding was very noisy and I could barely hear his voice. The aftermath was I waited in the shopping complex for half an hour because I'd mistaken "Tesco" as "Jusco". But the good thing was I met my ex-classmate who was dating with my the younger sister of my another ex-coursemate. Haha, so I think one event can be viewed from two sides, eh???

Finally, when I walked toward the direction my friend told me, I saw an old face, Steven and another "new" face. I was thinking who the heck was the guy wearing white glasses and white shirt. I looked closer. Cheh, he was not other man but NK. He gave me a refreshing impression until he opened his mouth and speak. Haha.

The first thing we did was, shopping for bedspread. However, in the end, we buy nothing. After that, we splited to three groups. NK, his friend and I went to Econsave, Steven went to play games, and another friend shopping for shoes.

Before we went to Econsave, we headed to the Sunshine badminton training center because NK's friend want to buy a new racket. We stayed there for 2 hours from 3.30 to 5.30, doing nothing. But what did the shopkeeper do and speke made me laughed. He spoke very loud especially when he talked with cellphone. When he promoted his racket, he brought us to see 2 big posters on the front of his shop, telling us how good his trainees were, then pointed to a girl telling us that she is the best player in Malaysia, no one can beat her. “ 呐,那个女孩子啊,在马来西亚没有人够她打呷!” Then my friend turned to me and asked me whether what he said is true or not. I told him what the shopkeeper said isn't true, Lee Zhong Wei can beat her like hell. ><

Next, we went to Econsave for NK's sake since he wanted to buy French learning dictionary so desperately.

We headed back to Jusco to fetch the guys, took my bike and went to Ipoh Parade. Oh my, 3 shopping complex within 5 hours, so tiring ah! NK bought some engineering textbooks in NovelHut. Another friend was shopping for Nike shoes.

The final place we went was 糖水街.We couldn't go far because they had to return the car before 9. Around 8.45, we went home.

Exciting yet tiring day.


yixiong said...

haha...NK gave u fresh impression until he speaks..same old NK..
the way he chooses those dvd is like he's choosing some ham pin..lol

melakaGuy said...

namkhoon?haha..long time no hear from him.
i went to ipoh last month,jusco is very near to tesco rite?