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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Haha, I just adapted the title from cookingismypassion.blogspot.com which was reported by Sinchew Daily a few days ago.

Yesterday, I decided to make dough cake which I learned from newspaper. The ingredients were simple: red carrot, shrimps, water, flour, and shallots. Well, it was simple to mix them into a big bowl, however, the frying process was not easy at all.

Heat the oil till bubbles appeared. I can see the smoke dancing before my eyes, teasing me as a beginner. The next thing was I started to sweat. I has stopped exercising since the day before my Cambodia trip and I seldom sweat since then. It seemed like cooking was a good exercise too, right?

It took me 1 hour to fry 30+ all of them. I did not enjoy the process, but the outcome was really worthwhile.

I ate 90% of them and I wasn't satisfied. My weight has gained most probably :(


KahJoon_AJ said...

I want it toooo....cook for me next time...thx!!!!!

Xjion89 said...

omg, dun goreng ur food liao~~~too oily lah!

Superbearman89 said...

Haha, I still remember what our chemistry teacher Ms. Lim told us. She said eat more when you are still young. If you were old, wanna eat pun cannot already.