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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cambodia Adventure Day 3

The third day, 11th June, we began our exploration by re-visiting Angkor Wat. Yesterday, we didn’t see the sunrise, so we hoped to see it today. Yesterday evening, after we go back to the guesthouse, we had discussed with Mr. Baron about the plan for today. Since the visitor pass will expire today, we wished to visit as many temples as possible.

Around 5.15 a.m. we headed to our first stop. As same as yesterday, there were many visitors heading to the same destination as us, bringing the hope to see the sunrise. I believed that some of them were re-visiting the temple. We waited patiently, but there were many clouds in the sky, just as yesterday. Haiz, seemed like our hope to see the sunrise didn’t touch the heart of the God. But wait, I saw the sun, finally! However, the sun appeared on the left of the temple and it was not gorgeous. What a disappointed morning!? Never mind, I witnessed the sunrise, at least.

I had forgotten the name of the next temple that we visited. It was a small and not well-known temple, made up of bricks. It was quite new compared to other temples.

The next temple was……Banteay Kdei.

In fact, I had forgotten 50 percent of the name of the temples we had visited and I must revise from the websites before wrote those entries. Haha. Banteay Kdei is located opposite to Srah Srang. The entrance has a four-faced carving, similar to the Bayon temple. This temple was very old, huge trees grown around the temple, and seemed like the restoration work had ceased. Only two foreign visitors and a local woman with her little daughter were there. The golden era of this temple had long vanished into the thin air.

After that, we walked across the road to Srah Srang.

Mr.Baron was on the tuk-tuk tickling with his cell phone. To be noticed, his cell phone is more expensive than the cell phone of us. Fuyoo! Srah Srang is a platform, facing a beautiful and calm lake. When we were walking across the road, we can see a few girls walking toward us. Oh no, not again! Every day, we will be interrupted by local salesmen and saleswomen. Now, local salesgirls. And, they were ten time smarter and wicked than those local salesmen and saleswomen. These girls gave us a wooden bangle and asked us to take it and came back later to buy water or coconuts from them. We insisted that we don’t want the bangle, but the “little witch”, haha, put the bangle into the pocket on my pants without notice but then told me what she did. OMG, I never met a girl as wicked as her before. Okay, I didn’t want to bother her anymore and walked away to the platform. She still yelled aloud behind me, remind me to buy from her. After we had taken some snapshots, I told my friend I wanna give some Chipsmore biscuits to the girls to comfort them, because we were not going to buy from them. I was so clumsy, dropped a few pieces of Chipsmore on the ground. But still I kindly gave them two biscuits. Guess what, they rejected to accept the biscuits! Oh God, I was so kind-hearted but you……!!! Okay, fine, I gave the bangle back to her so she can give it to other visitors, and she rejected again!!!!!!!! Finally, I couldn’t bear her anymore and sent a punch to her face. Just kidding. (^<^) Never mind, I can keep the bangle for my “daughter”.

Next, we went to Ta Prom.

According to Mr. Baron, Ta Prom is his favorite temple. It’s one of my favorites too. The once sexiest woman of the world—Angelina Jolie was filming the movie Tomb Raider in year 2001/2 here. Hohooo! The main attraction of this temple is his huge tree roots. If you think huge tree roots at Preah Khan made you astounded, the beauty of the roots here would make you gobsmacked too. Let’s enjoy the photos, they can tell you more than I could.

The next temple was Ta Keo. Nothing special about this temple.

Posing at East Mebon.

Neak Pean is the name of this place.

It was unique. During the raining season or when heavy rain falls, rain water fill up the lower ground and becomes a pool. There was a small stone temple in the middle of the pool, and a stone horse carving beside the temple. There was another pool with a small stone tower.

Then, we visited two more small temples and a big temple which I had forgotten their names. Phew, lazy to describe the details. See photos.

By the way, I discovered a cute boy during the visit to one of the small temples. He’s cute, right? Hehe…

Phnom Bakheng, this was the last temple we visited and it let us down.

We managed to get to the temple around 5 p.m. to see the sunset. This temple was built on the top of a hill, so we had to climb up the hill. There were so many people, especially Taiwanese and Chinese climbed with us. When we reached the temple, we couldn’t see the sunset. Jungle around the temple blocked our sight.

And what was worse, the sunset wasn’t fascinating as we thought. What a disappointed sunset?! However, I think we had made full use of the visitor pass. Three days of temple-visit was exciting, and yet painful, only for my friend because he sprained his leg.

That night, we didn’t go out to dinner.

Stay tuned for day 4.


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