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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas is just around the corner....v(n_n)v

Christmas is one month away but people have started to decorate their house with many luxurious and pretty Christmas decorations. So I must not fall behind! Hehe...But I am just a student, my finances doesn't allow me to buy luxurious Christmas decorations.

Therefore, on last Sunday, I went to a shopping mall and bought three little Christmas merchandise for myself. And here they are:

***** ******* I love this merchandise personally. Guess what?! It's made in China. **********

Each of them just cost me CAD$1.00. I am a smart consumer indeed. v(n_n)v

1 comment:

papergoat said...

I like the second one..hehe..ei, how dare you forgot to wish me happy birthday? Grrrrr