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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun (^.^) & Stress (-.-)

It had been the 16th day in McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Well, I had some fun but many stresses. Although it is the only the second week for classes, but tremendous of readings, assignments and quizzes overwhelm me. Anyway, I believe I can deal with the stresses.
Yesterday night, I went to a house party. It was organized by the MSA (Malaysian and Singaporean Association). I went with my other 17 friends. When we arrived at the house, I though it would be a big big big house. It was not the case, it's just a ordinary house(somehow disappointed). Most of the committees of the association are fourth year student (actually I am not sure lah) and most of them are Singaporeans( I am very sure for this >.<). I am happy to meet all of them. There are crowds of students from Hong Kong and China but Malaysians and Singaporeans are rare. It was funny that the president of MSA, May(hope I didnt spell it wrong) said that she almost couldn't believe that when she received an email from one of us saying that there will be 18 students from Malaysia will be going to the party. Haha, it is true. 18 warriors from Malaysia. Before us, there was only 10 members, so they couldn't from a club. Now, with the participation of us, it's possible!
We enjoyed the free pizzas and soft drinks while having some joyous conversations. I never seen any one of the committees in campus( my campus is so big, it's not easy to meet my course-mate friends either). After finished all the foods( I ate 2 pieces if pizza and tones of soft drinks, hehe) {"If eating was a sport, I would be undefeated". I have a T-shirt with those printed words. Yeah!} , we had some games. It was fun after all. We left around 10.30pm.
I hope we can gather more often.

Weather is getting colder from day to day. Autumn began and winter is just around the corner.


papergoat said...

Sound like you are slowly adapting to the western lifestyle over there. Happy for you, take care ya! Miss ya =P

BeArLeOnG89 said...

Yea, I take it slow....

Xjion89 said...

ooo, sumore go party ! Become a bad boy oredi!!!!hehe(^^)

BeArLeOnG89 said...

It's not a party. In fact, it was just a small gathering lah and it was the 1st ever gathering for MSA. Give some support loh. I didn't drink or dance, so it's not considered a party. I am not a BAD BOY! though I went to pub before ^.^