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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Life-altering journey to Hamilton

My room is on the left-hand side of the stairs.

I can touch the roof of my room.

This is the backyard of my house.

This is the entrance to my room downstairs

He's dead. Pity......

A memorial garden

A view of the Whiteny Avenue

My room. I am the only one that get a double-sheet bed. Hehe

Another view of my room.

My new home: 380 Whitney Avenue

Frankfurt Airport

What a coincidence to meet them up here in KLIA!

The plane that I was taking to Frankfurt, Germany.

Says hello to Mr.McDonald.

First of all, tomorrow is national day for my home-country---Malaysia. So, cheers to Malaysia, you are 51 year-old already!

It was damn tired to take plane from Kuala Lumpur to Frankfurt and proceed to Toronto. It took 20 hours for the whole flight. I have to say that it's not fun at all. It's hot in the plane.

In my opinion, Malaysia Airlines(MAS) is more comfortable than Lufthansa. I felt like I was burning when I took Lufthansa. It was damn hot! When I took MAS, I ate BBQ chicken as supper. It was around 2 am(in Malaysia time) when I was having my BBQ chicken. I watched Narnia 2: Prince Caspian. The movie is not bad. Then I slept for an hour. When I woke up, it was time to have my breakfast. And I ate NASI LEMAK! Nasi Lemak is a traditional Malay food. It was quite yummy. When I was in Lufthansa, I watched another great movie--21. I ate pasta as lunch( I ordered it because I didn't know what the heck is the second choice food) and hotdog roll as snack after my lunch.

After arriving at Toronto Airport, our senior, Abang Nasri came to fetch us to the campus. It took around 1 hour from the aiport to the campus by airways transit. It's quite cheap since it cost $27.50 Canadian dollars for 14 of us. It took approximately 1 hour from the airport downtown to the campus. I called my landlord to fetch me from the campus since it was late already( around 7.30pm in Canada) althought the sky is still bright. Well, he sent his son to fetch me. He is an active person. We talked quite a lot and he drove me around the town. I ate McDonald as my first dinner as it would be the cheapest food I guess. It cost me $5.05 (a double cheese burger, a chicken burger, french fries and a coke).

After the dinner, misfortune fell upon us. When he drove me around the campus, I saw a police car. After we passed in front of the police car, the police car followed us on the back. We stopped and a cop went out from the car and came to us. It was not a big deal. The cop told us that we couldn't drive to that area. However, he gave us a ticket! OMG, I felt so sorry. Actually, the cop is not a real cop, he is a McMaster University's cop. Although he's not going to pay for the fine, I am still feeling guilty.

After returning to my home, I was damn damn exhausted and I slept like a bear after bathing. LOL......

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